is an internationally known artist, who currently describes her work as Mixed-Media Narrative. Recognized for its unexpected yet elegant combinations of bright colors, photographic images, spray paint, transparencies, and words, her work has been featured in numerous art magazines as well as in a myriad of books, including True Colors, Alphabetica and Transparent Art. Most recently, Sarah collaborated with fellow artist, Angela Cartwright, to produce In This House, a book of altered art imagery and collage techniques. They also successfully launched a Quartz - QUality ART Zine, Pasticcio, published several times a year, featuring a plethora of gorgeous artwork, technical articles, tips, treats and even art history. Sarah often participates in artistic collaboratives and charitable fundraisers. She adores visiting new places and occasionally teaches classes far from her home in Northern Colorado.



Colors are friends of their neighbors and lovers of their opposites.