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by Sarah Fishburn
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A Cartwright Studio

A pasticcio of versatility, Angela's site entertains and informs in equal measure.It's like the annual fall issue of Vogue, filled with eye candy,superlative design, and artful inspiration. She offers her fabulous photo mosaic art in all sorts of fashionable items to add to your wishlist or for instant gratification!
I owe Angela a super debt of gratitude for helping me bring my website into the 21st Century, instead of just hanging around
Lost in Space!

Anima Designs

Kim Nickens creates graphically incredible stampages from her own photographs shot from Pittsburgh to Paris.
She also sells unique brass findings, Enviropapers,
funky folk art and Cocoinna, the best glue stick on the planet.

Artchix Studio

Helga Stauss has put
together an online shopping extravaganza for the consummate collage artist.

Artitude Zine

Suz Simanaitis not only defines "Artitude",
she wants to share
the secret with everyone!

Found Elements

Check here for
slide mounts!

HeartsArt Radio

Listen to my archived interview with Delona Lang then check out more interviews with a plethora of other groovy artists!

Tuscan Rose

An eclectic online shop selling rubber stamps, ephemera CDs, and more - including Mardi Gras beads!

Twisted Vintage

Visit Claudia's collage site for a splash of elegance done up with
a dash of fun.

Jennifer Davis Art

I would love to have all my clothes printed with patterns created from the art of the brilliant Jennifer Davis!

Paperbag Studios

Evocative rubber stamp images combine beautifully 
with any mixed-media.

Lalas Land

Lesley Riley's comprehensive site showcases her Fragments - lovely fabric collages featuring vintage images and thought-provoking quotes. Check out her book and music recommendations as well.

Nicolette Larson

Another favorite musician. Nicolette Larson died in 1997, but her spirit lives
on in her support for
UCLA Children's Hospital.

Sweet Bird Studio

Nancy is a modern silversmith par excellence,combining vintage and retro sensibilibilities
with a cutting edge sense of humor cloaked in reverence in both her jewelry and assemblage pieces.She has a full catalog of fabulous readymades, or you may want to order a handsomely rendered commissioned piece.

K Moss Artworks

K. Moss describes herself as "a bird collecting feathers and twigs, beads and paper, odds and ends, sparkly things, rusty things, trifles..."Her alacrity in using those sparkly things & odds & ends make her art a pleasureful exercise in spontaneity, while illustrating an adept & intuitive handle on design.


David Wallace creates
incredible collages with a surrealistic bent.

A Single Rose Dolls

Rosie Rojas' doll characters are absolutely fascinating.
Starving Artistamps

Get your words here!
Grandest compendium of word stamps in the world!
Other images too.

Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro may no longer walk this earth, but her music lives on.


Darlene Olivia McElroy

Darlene's mixed media paintings and assemblage incorporate symbolic images and forms with traditional collage ephemera and a clear sense of humor. The result is a dynamic juxtaposition of old and new, sacred and profane, serious and hilarious, all within the same composition.
That's talent!

The Pat Studio

Awash in the  brilliant colors of the desert, Patricia Chapman's assemblages range from funky to fantastic. The next best thing to seeing one of them in person is to check them out on her  brilliantly colored and well-designed site.

Michelle Ward

Visit this intriguing site to see the incredibly cool, technically amazing work created by a fabulous artist. Then buy one or more of her unique architectural style, unmounted sheets!

Not only does Tiffini turn my art into the coolest jewelry ever,she also manufactures incredible light boxes. Her 2-d art, available a collages, paintings,and prints is inimitable TARTX urban goth. Love it!
Corina Geraty
One Kind Word Can Warm Three Cold Months
Japanese Proverb